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I have been woodturning for the past several years, starting with pens and moving my way through various projects up to hollow forms and segmented vessels. I have always really lik.

Darryl Jones

Fossils UK

I have used Starbond glue for decades. Great adhesives, great service, great dependability. I use the thick for my glue block method of chucking and I use the thin for a wide var..

Lyle Jamieson

Comment: Just got my order for 16oz of Medium Thick Brown and 16oz of Thin Clear. Yall are quick and have great service! Love the products

Nathan Terepocki

Starbond Adhesives thanks for the awesome speedy response! #1 customer service! I'll make sure to reorder when I run out! Already bought the entire kit!

Dan Phan

Every once in a while you cut down a little girls favorite Cherry tree because it’s full of termites and disease. She still cry’s and you feel like a bully. So you make her a bowl from the wood so she can remember it. Thank goodness for starbond it is so diseased and pitted there’s no way I could’ve made it without it.


I repair antiques and do a lot of wood working,this product is the best all around glue I have ever used. Great for repairs!


That black medium thick with the accelerator is my jaaaammmm!!!🙌❤️


The best product I've used for stabilizing knots in spruce, plus it takes color pigments really well


First time I used Starbond I used the black medium-thick on a cornhole board to fill a knot. It worked exactly like everyone said it does! Still use it on a multitude of projects and live it just the same!❤️🔥


Great product. Great price, especially as you always get more than you expect. Great product information. And the thing that impresses me most is your fast and efficient delivery (especially to those of us overseas. I’m in Australia and it gets here nearly in a week!) If only the other companies I deal with were as efficient. I hold you up as a great example of how good order and delivery can be when a company does it properly Thank you all at Starboard for such a great job


Huge fan of your company. I Absolutely Love the 4 other glues I have and use constantly. I even made a display on my French cleat wall in my shop for easy access. I’m Definitely looking forward to using the brown because I definitely use a bunch of walnut and walnut stains in my projects.


Starbond has changed woodworking for me. It has helped me save projects that, before Starbond, I would have thrown in the burn barrel. It also creates outstanding finishes on small lathe projects. Thanks for a superior product.


Absolutely awesome product! I tried it for the first time on some cutting boards I made a few months ago and I've been hooked on their product ever since. Well worth the money!


The Starbond Difference

For more than 30 years, Starbond has “stuck” to its mission in supplying unrivaled adhesive quality and customer-centric solutions. What’s The Starbond Difference? Our formula produces more durable, stronger, and less brittle superglues. Monthly production means that our customers receive the absolute freshest glues — this ensures that the glues have not just been sitting around for several months. Our values in innovation drive us to learn about the most important user-application needs in developing more useful and attractive products and design. We take pride in supplying you with the absolute best glues. Thank you for your support!

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