CA Glue Finish on Wooden Rings

CA Glue Finish on Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are beautiful pieces which stand out especially if a quality finish is done on them. In order to achieve results which are most appealing, ca glue is the preferred adhesive. This is something you can do by yourself but you need to know the right process of using cyanoacrylate adhesive to avoid messing up your rings before you are through.

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After working on the rings and they have acquired your desired shape, the very first process should be sanding them. Sand them to about 1500 grit, dust them to remove the small particles and then clean with spirit. You can then mount your ring on a turning jig, the best being lathe, which works very well when it comes to woodturning. Some people opt for other improvised means like a power drill clamped to a bench but they aren't as stable and reliable as a lathe.

With the ring in place, you can now apply ca which is an instant adhesive that gives strong bonds. There are three options which include the thin, medium and thick glue. The thin viscosity is the one you want to use for a finsih. When applying the CA, apply in small portions while spreading it carefully. It is also important to know the right amount of glue to use, too much will leak and become messy while too little will leave gaps. A ring looks beautiful and strong when the entire length is well covered with the ca glue. With practice, you will get to know how to measure the right amount most probably depending on the size and design of the rings.

In order to prevent the glue from sticking on your hands, use most preferably polythene gloves. Another important step will be on how to apply this instant adhesive on the inside of the ring. This has always been the tricky part but there is a way around it. What you need to do is apply a couple of CA coats using a q-tip. If you realize that drying is taking a bit longer, you can use an accelerator.

Another thing which you will notice is that cyanoacrylate adhesive has strong fumes which can be somewhat irritating to your breathing and eyes. In order to work comfortably with it, always ensure that the room is well ventilated. Failure to this can lead to dizziness and even passing out for some people. Make sure to wear the proper safety equipment.

When you follow this process keenly, you will end up with pieces which will make your effort worthwhile. You only need to make sure you have the correct woodturning supplies for the job and take your time to churn out some wonderful rings.