How to Super Glue a Broken Nail

How to Super Glue a Broken Nail

You have worked hard to let your fingernails grow to a beautiful, natural length. You have taken care to file them and keep them looking perfect, knowing you have a big event coming up like an important party or wedding to go to and you will get the chance for your nails to look fantastic. Then, suddenly, it happens – you see a crack in your nail where you may have snagged it, and now they look far from perfect. What are you going to do about it? Instead of panicking, running to the nail salon to spend a lot of money, or cutting your nails short, you can repair the problem yourself thanks to using super glue on a broken nail.

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Gather Your Glue Supplies

Many people do not realize that super glue, also known as a cyanoacrylate adhesive, is very similar to the acrylic sealing that you would get from your nail salon if they were fixing your cracked fingernail for you. You can save yourself time, money and anguish just by gathering up some household supplies and taking on the repair yourself. If you have a nail mending kit, you can use the paper in your kit to help you; if you do not, a tea bag, coffee filter or even a small piece of toilet paper can work well for you. You also want to gather a toothpick or straw, a pair of tweezers and a bottle of nail strengthener.

Taking Care of the Broken Nail

To start to super glue your broken nail, cut a small piece of tea bag or mending paper (large enough to cover the crack and wrap under the tip of the nail). Apply a dot of medium viscosity super glue to your broken nail and swirl it with the toothpick to cover the nail and quickly place the paper over the nail with your tweezers. Smooth out the material with the tweezers, wrap it over the top of the nail and under so it sticks to the underside of your nail and put another drop of glue on the paper and nail, swirling it around to coat the nail. After the glue dries, you can buff the nail and put nail strengthener on to give some extra protection.

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The Glue to Save Your Broken Nail

You can save your nails easily when you use super glue on a broken nail, but you need to make sure you have the right glue on hand for this emergency. Make sure to use medium viscosity super glue to get the job done.


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Valerie Lemay January 12, 2021