Make Beautiful Magnetic Photo Art Creations with Super Glue

Make Beautiful Magnetic Photo Art Creations with Super Glue

It is always a great feeling when you can make your own DIY (do-it-yourself) decorations, especially throughout the holidays. These decorations can bring out the creativeness atmosphere in your home that can leave your visitors breathless. A popular DIY hobby that can help spice up your home are magnetic photos. This hobby can be done right in your own home and can help make your kitchen more eventful through pictures of places you’ve been to. These magnetic photos that can be placed on your refrigerator can help remind you of family, friends, or passed loved ones. Magnetic photos are a perfect way to craft your photos into something special and unforgettable. Making photo magnets is quite simple and you can easily create different types of photos to fit any type of holiday or special event. Not only can magnetic photos act as creative décor in your home, but they can make great gifts as well. In a home, they not only create a personalized look but can help make the place appear more stylish and friendly. You only need a few items when it comes to crafting this beautiful magnetic artwork. Making magnetic photos are very simple and the supplies you need to buy are fairly inexpensive. Many of the supplies you need, you most likely already have at home.

super glue

With the right supplies, you can make your own beautiful DIY magnetic photo art creations using super glue. Super glue is not only for repairing since it is also used in creating various items. It is widely used in the arts and crafts industry. You can make a great deal of unique DIY items using super glue. We have a family of super glues of different viscosities, sizes, and colors. For the creation of magnetic photos, use medium super glue. This heavy-duty adhesive has an oil-like viscosity for easy applications.

Items Needed:

ca glue

  • Starbond Premium “Multi-Purpose Medium” EM-150 Super Glue
  • Magnetic sheet or magnetic buttons
  • A piece cardboard to work on
  • Photos that you would like to display (they could also be pictures, drawing, or other types of artwork)
  • Piece of modified glass (dimensions are preferably up to you)
  • Vinegar
  • Lint free cloth
  • Pair of sharp scissors

Step by Step Process of Creating a Magnetic Photo using Super Glue

These steps below are an easy way to help you create your very own DIY magnetic photo for home décor or giving them away as gifts.

1. Prepare the Working Area

In preparing your working area, have all the items listed before you to start this process. Ensure the area is clean. Rubbing alcohol is one of the more common cleaners you can use for working surfaces. Make sure all the items that make up the magnetic photo are clean and dry. This will ensure the effectiveness of the super glue since it will dry more efficiently this way. Be aware that some magnets, such as neodymium, can demagnetized at excessive temperatures. Some can also become less magnetic when touched with dirty or greasy hands, so make sure your magnets are clean and free of anything. This step is to ensure that your work is durable and a success. Use the piece of cardboard to protect the surface that you are working on.

2. Get your Photograph or Artwork Ready

The types of artworks that can be used for this project are photos, paintings, drawings, etc. When it comes to photos, they can be a soft copy or a hard copy. Whether they are a soft copy or hard copy, it really doesn't matter. Either one will work just fine. If you have a hard copy photo you have to cut it with sharp scissors to fit your glass size. This is because you will have to plaster the photo on the glass slide. This will help protect the photo from getting damaged.

A soft copy is a photo from your computer, laptop, or cellphone, etc. In this day and age, many of the magnetic photos that will be made will be from photos that are soft copies. If you have a soft copy, make sure to resize it accordingly to the dimensions of the glass slide of your preference. You can resize them through photo editing applications or programs through your phone or computer. When you have properly resized them to their correct dimensions, print them out using a printer. Before you print, make sure to use high quality photography paper for greater clarity.

In the case you want your photos professionally done, ask the photographer to resize them for you. This can definitely make your job easier, but then again, can be quite costly. The great thing about getting your photos professionally done is that the photographer can print out your photos for you as well.

3. Get your Glass Slide Ready

This type of glass slide can be purchased from a hardware or frame store. You can buy them in various sizes depending on how large or small you want your magnetic photo to be. There are also glass slides of different shapes. For the glass slides, it is optional to add a frame for added fun, but remember this can add weight to the photo. Some frames have a polaroid themed look for added creativeness, while others are more traditional. The size and shape of the glass slide you choose, must coordinate with the dimensions of your photo. This is also required for the photo frame if you choose to add one.

Purchase a glass slide that has a textured feel on one side and a smooth feel on the other side. This textured side of the glass will help secure and hold your photo into place. You can clean your glass slide with vinegar before you get started and then wipe it dry with a lint free cloth.

4. Cut the Photo to the Correct Size

Using the glass slide, place it on top of the photo or piece of artwork that you had resized and printed. Then with a pencil, trace on the outer edge of the glass slide onto the area of the photo that you want to be displayed as a magnet. Carefully cut the photo on the pencil lines that you just created using a pair of sharp scissors to perfectly fit the size of the glass slide. Repeat this process as necessary to make as many photos as you desire.

5. Super Glue the Magnetic Photo in Place

This is the last step and the most crucial. Clean up your work place to allow a clean place for the magnet to be placed comfortably. Ensure your hands are clean by washing them again and completely drying them. Using a lint free cloth and vinegar, scrub the glass slides on both sides until they are spotlessly clean.

On the photograph, the side with the picture, apply a small drop of the clear medium super glue to each of the corners of the photo. Attach it evenly to the textured side of the glass slide and hold it steady for about 20-30 seconds. Wipe excess glue on the corners or sides of the glass before it fully dries.

Flip the glass slide over and apply the medium super glue on the back of the photograph or artwork. Then attach the magnetic sheet to the areas that you had applied the super glue. Make sure the magnetic sheet is evenly cut. Carefully place it gently and press firmly. Hold the magnetic sheet in place for about 20-30 seconds for a full dry.

If a magnetic button is preferred, place a couple drops of the medium super glue at the back of the photo, particularly in the middle, and press the button onto the glue firmly. Hold this position for about 20-30 seconds. Use two magnets for larger photos.

Magnetic photos or arts can be used as:

  • Wall art
  • Refrigerator décor (refrigerator magnets)
  • Gifts for special occasions
  • Decorations for windows

Art is a way to share our experiences or communicate our stories. Magnetic photos or arts are very simple to make and fairly inexpensive. You don’t need a great deal of supplies to create these beautiful art pieces. Magnetic photos are a creative way to spice up your home.