Make Wall Art with Super Glue

Make Wall Art with Super Glue

Here is a brief introduction on superglue before you begin to use this product for your wall art making.

Introduction to Starbond EM-150 superglue

Starbond EM-150 superglue is a premium class made in Japan adhesive that is known for its best performance for over 45 years. The performance of this premium class cyanoacrylate super glue has been tested in labs. It is good to have this medium ca glue in your home for general purpose repairs.

It is available in 3 packing sizes – 1 oz, 2 oz and 16 oz from which you can choose as per your requirement. Each of its packages include different supplies such as the 1 oz pack including a clog free stopper and 4 micro tips for precise application. The 2 oz pack includes 2 applicator caps and 8 micro-tips for precise application along with one clog free stopper. Its 16 oz package includes 3 empty bottles with 2 oz capacity, one Yorker spout for easy dispensing, one clog free stopper, a bag of micro-tips for precise application and 4 applicator caps.

The properties of Starbond EM-150 superglue include ca glue with 150 cPs viscosity along with up to 0.006” penetrating abilities. This medium ca adhesive has capability to bond wide range of materials within 10-20 seconds.

Starbond medium ca glue can be stored for a long time up to several years if used properly and stored in cold places. The company offers a 20-month warranty for its shelf life if its bottle is stored in a place with less than 40 degrees F temperature. The company promises to replace your bottle if it does not last up to 20 months after opening it initially.

Starbond EM-150 superglue can be used for multiple purposes including gluing acrylic nails, RC car tires, wooden instruments, model airplanes, pen making, wood turning finish, engraving art form, bonding close fitting parts, treating cracked stones and making wall art along to its many more applications due to its super class adhesive qualities.

In this way Starbond EM-150 is a CA superglue with oil like medium viscosity that can be used as an adhesive for various types of purposes. This glue is available in thin and thick viscosity which determine its power to penetrate through narrow slots, filling small gaps, use as a finish on wooden items and bonding closely fitted parts. Its medium viscosity version can also be used for various types of hobby purposes like gluing rc tires, tuning pen into blank pen for the purpose of gluing, quick home repairs and wood repairs with wood turning.

Its compatibility with various types of materials including metal, wood, leather, rubber, gemstones, ceramic, carbon fiber, minerals and rocks, most types of plastics and fiberglass allows you to use it for making a variety of wall arts. But while using it to bond two smooth surfaces, you should make both surfaces abrasive so that they can hold each other stronger.

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Using Medium Viscosity Starbond EM-150 Superglue to Make Wall Art

The versatile use of medium viscosity Starbond EM-150 superglue allows you to make various types of wall art by using different types of materials. Suppose you love to make canvas art and want to make some to decorate your home but due to budget constraints you are unable to spend much, then this CA superglue can help you make one by converting vinyl decal into a canvas art. The instructions that are provided here can help you to make vinyl decal into canvas art for the walls of your home.

  • So if you have decided to make a canvas art by using a vinyl decal then first of all you should buy a vinyl wall decal type print of the picture you want to display in your home and a canvas of same size.
  • Now peel the back of the decal and apply it on the back of the picture. It is important to ensure that no air bubbles are left under the picture.
  • Now to secure its edges apply some medium viscosity Starbond EM-150 superglue on its edges to wrap them around the back and sides.
  • Your vinyl decal art is ready to display on your wall or on shelfs as canvas art. You can use your creative skills to display it more attractively.

Tips to create canvas art with vinyl decal

Plan the placement of your picture: Now first of all set your vinyl decal on the canvas as you want to display on your wall. It is not necessary to put the picture on the canvas by matching their centers. You can manage the picture accordingly if you want to highlight some of its parts.

Trim the decal: After placing the decal on the canvas you should trim its corners at 90 degrees and save its pieces which can be used later on to patch up its corners.

Apply the decal to the canvas: Before touching the adhesive part of the decal you should wash your hands thoroughly to bond them in a better way. While laying the decal on the canvas the center of the canvas should be on the top while the decal is face down, keeping all the corners of the canvas inside the corners cut by you. Now peel the backing of the decal either from the side or the top and apply it gently and carefully on the canvas. Now pull down the backing gradually. You can use plastic card to smooth the decal on the canvas in order to remove air bubbles.

Secure the sides: Now you should smooth the sides of the decal and use medium viscosity Starbond EM-150 superglue to secure its edges over the sides of the canvas. You can use the square pieces cut for the corners of the decal to place underneath the gaps on the edges to give your wall art a smoother look.

Thus your wall canvas art made from vinyl decal is complete to display wherever you want in your home with the help of medium viscosity Starbond EM-150 superglue. Using CA glue allows you to create wall art at very reasonable cost.