Repair a Broken Clay Pot with Super Glue

Repair a Broken Clay Pot with Super Glue

An Easy Step by Step Guide to Pot Repairing

Clay has been a popular material for making different types of tools and sculptures for centuries. It has been used for thousands of years and is still heavily used today. Clay has built everyday used items such as plates and pots. It is also popularly used in the making of sculptures. An example is the Terra Cotta Army that protects the tomb of China’s first emperor. The entire army is made out of clay!

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Today, one of the more popular ways that clay is being used is in the creation of pottery, specifically for plants. But clay pots are not just for holding in soil. The reason why clay is used greatly for planting is because of its porous material. This allows the soil to breathe better, which helps in the plants longevity. The clay pot’s porous material also minimizes overwatering by seeping through the microscopic holes.

As clay pots can be very useful for planting, it is also a popular decoration item. Instead of plants, people may add in ornaments or other types of décor into their clay pots. Whether you place your clay pot indoors or outdoors, it is prone to tipping over and breaking, no matter how careful you may be. While it is easy to just buy another clay pot, some of these can hold a tremendous sentimental value. In this case, what you use to repair your clay pot with is of high importance. One of the best and cheapest way of repairing your broken clay pot is quite simply, super glue.

For clay pottery repair, use thick viscosity super glue. This thick super glue is perfect for any of your clay pottery repairing needs. For outdoor applications that go through a great deal of weathering, try flexible ca glue for heavier duty repairs.

However, it may look like, it can be a bit heartbreaking when one of our beloved clay pots crack or break entirely. It is kind of ironic how something that can last centuries can at times break so easily. No need to worry! Repairing a broken clay pot is so quite simple. We have provided you with five super easy-to-follow steps. Keep on reading below to find out more about clay pottery repair.

Don’t forget to wear the proper gear such as rubber gloves, respirator mask, and be in a well-ventilated area.

1. Empty Your Broken Clay Pot

If your clay pot is holding something inside such as a plant, soil, ornaments, or other types of objects, make sure to empty out your clay pot first. This will make the clay pottery repair easier since there will be no obstructions hindering a successful repair. Place the broken pieces into an empty container for better accessibility, so there will be no mistakes gluing something that should not be glued. It might also be wise to keep a clear work space when doing your clay pottery repair to minimize accidents.

2. Gather All the Pieces of Your Clay Pot

Make sure to work on a couple sheets of newspaper or piece of cardboard to protect the surface that you’re going to be working on.

Check to see if you have all the broken pieces of your clay pot. Once you have all the pieces in place, arrange the broken pieces together on your work table and match the pieces together. Think of this as a puzzle. This will help make your job easier by getting an early head start on to where each piece will go. When you start to glue, both your hands could be busy, so having all the pieces ready in place and besides each other, will make you life less tedious.

3. Apply the Super Glue

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Before you start applying the super glue, make sure the broken pieces and the clay pot itself is well cleaned. If the clay pot still has trails of soil on it, the super glue won’t bond as efficiently. Make sure to clean the areas where a bond will occur effectively. There are many cleaners out there, but rubbing alcohol will work just fine. Also, make sure that the clay pot and the broken pieces are completely dry before you start applying the super glue.

When you start the gluing process, make sure to start from the bottom-up. This means that you should start gluing the lower pieces of the clay pot first, rather than starting from the top of the clay pot. This will help increase the chances of your clay pot looking like how it did when you first bought it. If your clay pot has a tough time standing on its own, you can use modeling clay to help it stand on its own by attaching it to the bottom of the clay pot. You can also use it to help keep the newly glued pieces intact.

Make sure to not apply too much super glue. Remember less is more. This thick super glue slightly expands. Just apply a small beaded line down the middle of the break. When you glue the first broken piece, you can apply the glue onto the clay pot and then firmly press the first broken piece onto it. Make sure to glue all the sides where the broken piece will fall into. Hold the piece in for about a minute or two. Thicker glues take a little longer to bond. To make the drying time faster, use our an accelerator to speed up the bonding time in an instant. Once the piece feels like it’s firmly in place, do the exact same process for the second piece. Keep going until all the broken pieces are assembled. You can use the molding clay to help you hold the pieces in place while you glue the other pieces. The molding clay is optional.

4. Set-up Your Repaired Clay Pot to Fully Dry

Now that the clay pot is all glued together, wait for about 5 minutes. Then wrap some kind of elastic fabric around it to apply a small amount of pressure to accompany the curing glue. Next, tie an insulated wire about 4-5 times around the clay pot to secure the fabric in place.

Carefully set aside your now wrapped pot and leave it so the glue can fully cure. Remember, a full cure is about a full day, so don’t unwrap it until then.

5. Your Newly Repaired Clay Pot is All Set

Once 24 hours has been reached, carefully remove the wire and fabric from around your repaired clay pot. Then gently scrape off any excess glue that might have protruded out onto the surface of the clay pot by using a knife. Be very careful when you’re using a sharp knife!

Things to Mention

For larger clay pots that will see extreme weather conditions, try flexible Super Glue. This specialty super glue is five times stronger than your standard super glue. This flexible ca glue is also resistant to heat, humidity, and other harsh weather conditions.

These types of repairs can be tedious, so it will require some time and patience. But, once your clay pot is fully repaired, it will look like how it did when it was in its original form.


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