Repairing RC Boats with Superglue

Repairing RC Boats with Superglue

An rc boat is a remote control boat. These boats are the unmanned crafts of the seas. They are generally used for a wide variety of purposes that range from official surveillance by the intelligence organizations of the world, to more mundane functions such as being used as toys by children and teenagers to play with in the water.

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Types of RC Boats

Fun Sport

These are the most common types of rc boats that are used by people who are casually playing with the boats as a hobby. They run on electricity and their speeds range from 20mph and only move upwards from there. They are as fast, and some even faster, than their counterparts which use internal combustion as the main tool for propellation. The recent versions come with the most advanced lithium polymer batteries as well as the new motor technology that is brushless.

Scale Boats

These are smaller versions that are only a scale of the bigger boats. These are mostly built as miniature versions of the actual boats and are developed as prototypes to test how the actual version will work in real life. They come in several shapes and designs as they implement the designs made by freelancers.

RC Sailboats

These are radio controlled sailboats that rely heavily on wind for propulsion. The sails are controlled and monitored by radio frequency meaning that you should not get out of radio range for them to work as they should. The radio signals change the positions of the servos which, in turn, alter the positions of the sails, both main and jib, as well as the position of the rudder. These two functions allow the sails to be jibbed as well as allow the steering of the boat. These boats can be modified to be used in races.

Repairing RC Boats with Superglue

Because of the nature of these RC boats, they are likely to get damaged in the water due to the racing or in casual playing with them. It is for this reason that one may choose to deploy the use of superglue in fixing these speed boats. The advantage of using superglue is that it is an instant adhesive and as a result your boat will be back to the water in little to no time.

Superglue is a glue you must have if you are a hobbyist. The glue is available in either thin, medium or thick options and you can choose the one best suitable to you. However, most of the people use the thinner version for fixing boats. Cyanoacrylate is the best type of glue because it has instant setting time, so beware of setting your hands on the glue because removing them will cost you some skin. The instant bond formed is medium in strength as compared to other glues but it should hold in water. It forms a rigid bond so this makes it best for plastics that are rigid and not tubes. It is best you use this type of glue for fixing the cracks in your rc boat.

As you use this type of glue, beware for your fingers. It will glue them together faster than you can possibly imagine. Also do not inhale the fumes as they could cause a negative reaction.