The Correct Way to Apply CA Glue Accelerator (also called Activator)

The Correct Way to Apply CA Glue Accelerator

From the basic idea of repair and reattachment to perhaps more advanced crafting of new things, super glue accelerators make the application of super glue easy and convenient. This is only true if you follow the right procedure and make wise decisions regarding the choice of the accelerator to use. Presently, the most preferred accelerators are those that are acetone based. This is because of their super-fast cure speed and the ease of application.

How They Work

An acetone-based accelerator contains acetone as a primary evaporating agent. This means that once applied, the acetone evaporates leaving active accelerator ingredient on the surface.The glue dries up quickly and firmly on the intended surface. You, however, need to be careful - too much use of the accelerator will relatively diminish the effectiveness of the super glue.


1. Considering the nature of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the super glue accelerators, proper dressing is mandatory. Wear the appropriate gloves (e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene glove) since the glue will not stick to them.

2. Good ventilation is also recommended since the evaporation of the acetone component might not be friendly to your health.

3. The surface you are working on should be clean and well set for efficient application of the superglue.

Now, what is the perfect way for the application of the cyanoacrylate adhesive accelerators to obtain optimum results? Below are a few but significant steps that will tremendously heave up your use of the super glue accelerators.

Step 1: Remove the Plastic Cap

Obviously, you can not apply the glue with the cap on. So, carefully open the plastic cap making sure not to press the spray button. Only open the cap the moment you want to start spraying. The acetone-based glue can easily evaporate once exposed to air; you may end up with nothing to use if you are not careful enough. You should also place the plastic cap in close proximity since you might need to close the spray bottle once in a while when making adjustments on the application surface. Remember to close the bottle every time you are not using it.

Step 2: Position the Spray Upright

After you open the cap, the bottle needs to be positioned in such a way that upright spray is achieved. You should, therefore, make sure that the spray remains upright during the entire process. The idea here is to ensure efficient and equal spray on the surface you are working on. It will also ensure the proper mixing of the ingredients of the superglue for the best performance.

Step 3: Position the Spray 6 Inches from the Target Surface

Proper positioning of the spray bottle is eminent in this process. The standard distance at which the bottle should be positioned from the surface is approximately 6 inches. Too far or too close positioning of the bottle will lead to wastage or inefficient application of the superglue. Therefore, you should maintain the appropriate distance from the surface throughout the entire process.

In a nutshell, following the above instructions is the correct way of applying the super glue accelerator. However, the prerequisites mentioned should also be adhered for the best results.