Why CA Glue is Essential to Woodturning

Why CA Glue is Essential to Woodturning

Woodturning is quickly becoming more and more popular as both a hobby and as a self-employed business opportunity. So, what is the one tool that should be a part of your woodturning supplies? CA Glue. CA glue or Cyanoacrylate Glue can be a woodturner's best friend. This is mainly because of its versatility – CA Glue can be used for infiltrating before wood segmenting, turquoise inlays, metal inlays, durable wooden finishes, filling in cracks, firm up bowls and much more.


It is because of this that CA glue has become a popular choice amongst experienced woodturners and beginners alike. However, not all CA glues are the same – there are different visocities that can be used based on whatever your project might be. If you’re unsure about what thickness you need, ask at your local woodworking shop, as they’ll be sure to know.

Benefits of CA Glue

Not only does it have a variety of thicknesses and uses, the main benefit of CA glue is the fact that it works well with wet wood as well as dry. This is what really sets CA glue apart from other types of woodworking glues, and makes it ideal for attaching glue blocks.

Another benefit of using CA glue for woodturning is the fast-drying nature of the thinner types. In a craft where time can often be of the essence, having a trusty glue that can work as fast as you can is imperative. On the other hand, the thicker glues are ideal for filling those pesky gaps – it’s all about picking the right thickness CA glue for your particular job.

This super glue can be used as a finish for wood turned items. CA is durable and leaves a glossy, clear finish. These are some of the best properties you can attribute to a finishing agent. Especially if you already have it in your tool box for filling in cracks and attaching glue blocks.

Be Warned

This being said, moisture is the enemy of the CA glue. Ensure that you keep the specially designed lid on the glue whenever it’s not in use. Also after use make sure that you remove any excess glue from the nozzle to prevent it hardening and blocking the tip.

Also make sure that you’ve got all the necessary safety equipment when using CA Glue – safety glasses are a must. In addition to this, be wary of the fumes that CA gives off. Like a lot of woodturning glues and instant adhesives, it does give off quite a lot of fumes so be prepared with a mask or scarf to prevent any excess inhalation.

So, as we’ve shown here, CA glue is a versatile and highly useful tool for any woodturner. Its uses stretch far and wide, depending of the thickness chosen and the job at hand. It’s also a widely available – it’s easily sourced online and in hardware and woodworking stores, as well as some more basic versions available in craft shops. So what are you waiting for? Grab your CA glue and start your next woodturning project today!