Why Use CA Glue for Shoe Repair?

Why Use CA Glue For Shoe Repair?

Cyanoacrylate (CA glue) is powerful instant adhesive also known as super glue. CA glue is used for many purposes, including but not limited to electronics, aquariums, woodworking projects, cosmetics (i.e. as a nail glue) and much more. It is an especially great glue to use for shoe repair due to its strength and versatility.

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Below we explain the reasons why CA glue is a great tool for shoe repair glue.

CA Glue Resists Water

Because CA glue can resist water, it is a great addition to your shoe repair supplies. Our shoes have to endure various types of wear and tear, and wet weather is one of them. This is especially true for boot repair, and this glue works just as well on boots too. There is no sense in repairing a shoe or boot and then not being able to use it for its purpose of wearing it outdoors.

For this reason, CA glue is the best shoe glue to use. CA glue is so water resistant that it is a favorite amongst aquarium repairs, so it will definitely withstand your shoe or boots inclement weather situations and make sure that you don’t feel any wet socks or feet after repair.

A Permanent Adhesive Bond with Quick Results

Because of how quickly CA glue bonds materials together, your shoe repair job will be completed quickly and completely, meaning you can go back to wearing your favorite pairs of shoes almost instantly. This glue is great for drying quickly to seal any openings or leaks in your shoes or boots.

This is an imperative shoe repair item to have on hand for those emergency situations where you simply do not have the time to go out and look for a new pair of shoes.

Strength For A Better Lifespan For Your Shoes

The strength of CA glue allows you to repair leaks or tears in your soles or reattach heels that have come loose. Because of how strong this glue is your shoes can actually last a much longer lifespan if it is correctly applied to the damaged area.

If you are reattaching a heel, let the glue sit for about an hour before wearing the shoe, and you will be good to go!

You Can’t See It

Clear CA glues are easy to find and that’s one of the best parts about them for shoe repair: Your shoes will look brand new because no one will have any idea that you ever had to repair them with this glue. Once the glue dries to fix the affected area of your boot or shoe, you will never be able to tell that any repair work was done in the first place.

CA Glue for Your Shoes

Your best shoe repair glue is CA glue for strong shoe repair projects. The great news is that it’s easy to find at any local home hardware store. If you are in a bind and need a quick and effective shoe repair DIY job done, CA glue can handle the task.