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  • Starbond Pump Sprayer Accelerator

    Starbond Pump Sprayer Accelerator

    Starbond Pump Sprayer Accelerator Starbond Super Glue Pump Accelerator is ideal for users with frequent need for our Accelerator product.  Used to significantly speed up the drying time of cyanoacrylate super glues, our CA glue “activator”, is a solvent-based accelerant that can be applied before and/or after the glue application.  The removable pump further allows for less pressure behind the spray and easy access to the product itself, for those who wish a more precision application with smaller objects like a cotton swab or toothpick. Commonly paired with slower-drying, thicker viscosity adhesives and black CA glue, Starbond Super Glue Accelerator is also useful when priming uneven surfaces.   It’s ideal for material combinations that are harder to bond and for colder, drier environments that delay curing time.  Also available as an aerosol, this accelerator cures CA glue in seconds – no more waiting! Professional Tips: When using higher volumes of CA glue to fill gaps, bonding times may increase – use of Starbond Super Glue Accelerator is highly recommended. Starbond Super Glue Accelerator can also be used to enhance joint strength, when used to cure excess adhesive that results from joints being pressed together. Uniquely formulated to dry slightly slower than other similar products on the market, Starbond Super Glue Accelerator prevents “hazing” or whitening that may occur when super glues dry too fast. Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including N, N-Dimethyl-p-Toluidine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information, please visit:

    $7.99 - $20.49

  • Starbond "Multi-Purpose" Medium Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue, EM-150 - 1 oz.

    Starbond "Multi-Purpose" Medium Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue, EM-150

    Starbond Multi-Purpose Medium Super Glue, EM-150 Starbond EM-150 Medium Super Glue is a medium-viscosity, multi-purpose, instant adhesive. With an oil-like consistency, this glue has properties of both our thin CA and thick CA products, making it ideal for filling small gaps, penetrating narrow slots, bonding close-fitting parts, and creating high-gloss finishes on wood. This versatile adhesive is used in woodturning, guitar repair, jewelry making, hobby model assembly, and assembly of 3D printed parts, to name but a few applications. Used by everyone from woodworkers, luthiers, lapidaryists to taxidermists, this glue should be kept on hand for all your general bonding applications! Want even faster results? No problem – we have the perfect solution! Starbond Super Glue Accelerator instantly cures the superglue in seconds, while acting as a priming agent for difficult-to-bond surfaces. Professional Tip: When bonding two smooth surfaces, be sure to lightly sand, or otherwise make them scuffed or more abrasive – the glue will have more surface area to adhere to, and therefore more holding strength! Woodworking and Woodturning Applications: High gloss ca finish for wooden bowls, pens, and knife handles Repair and fill cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood Quick bonding of wooden joints Blue tape technique Lapidary Applications: Treat cracked stones and gems Form a high-gloss polish on stones and petrified wood Repair marble, granite, and quartz Hobby Model Applications: Bond loosely fitted soft woods and balsa joints Build hobby models such as planes, cars, and boats Bond RC car tires Place and repair car trim and molding Assemble 3D printed parts For Use On: Wood Metal Rubber Leather Ceramics Gemstones Rocks & Minerals Carbon fiber Fiberglass Most Plastics

    $8.50 - $52.50

  • Starbond "Gap-Filler" Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue, EM-2000 - 1 oz.

    Starbond "Gap-Filler" Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue, EM-2000

    Starbond "Gap-Filler" Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue, EM-2000 Starbond EM-2000 Thick CA Glue is known as the “gap filler’.  This thick CA adhesive has a thick viscosity, making it the go-to glue for filling large voids and gaps, and heavy-duty bonding.  With its strong bonding capabilities, EM-2000 stays in place, even when applied at an angle.  This glue is specially formulated to have a longer curing time, allowing as much as two minutes for positioning and the most precise bonding. Starbond Accelerator is perfect if you need the high degree of control from our EM-2000, but want to speed up the bonding time! Use Starbond EM-2000 Thick CA Glue to: Quickly repair auto body and paint Fill large gaps and holes Assemble plastic and metal models Form unique finishes by carving, sanding, and feathering Bond various kayak panels faster than with epoxy Install cue tips onto pool cues (with recommended Starbond Accelerator) Bond fiberglass to a variety of materials Frag coral Repair shoes Repair marble, granite, and quartz Perform taxidermy Bond models to dental lab articulators Temporarily repair auto bumpers For use on: Wood Metal Rubber Leather Ceramics Gemstones Rocks & Minerals Carbon Fiber Fiberglass PVC & Most Plastics Available in 1 ounce, 2 ounces, and 16 ounces sizes

    $8.50 - $52.50


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