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  • 2 oz. Speed Series Thin Super Glue

    2 oz. Speed Series Thin Super Glue

    Starbond Speed Series | Thin Consistency Superglue, 2 oz. Are you stuck on finding the perfect glue for your next project? Look no further than Starbond 2 oz. Speed Series Thin Viscosity Premium Super Glue! Also known as CA glue, this fast bonding, industrial strength adhesive is perfect for filling in small gaps on surfaces that can absorb liquids. It works like magic on materials like ceramics, softwood, rocks, and even fossils. The glue seeps into cracks and holds them together, making it perfect for DIY repairs. It can also be used to create a shiny finish when applied in several layers, sanded, and polished. If you want to prevent the glue from being absorbed by the surface, you can use Starbond Accelerator. This will instantly dry the glue and prevent it from seeping into the surface. Use Starbond 2 oz. High Performance Thin Viscosity Premium Super Glue for a variety of applications, including repairing and filling cracks in wood, stabilizing guitar frets, installing bindings on stringed instruments, repairing guitar inlays, preparing fossils for extraction, repairing small cracks in stone, creating metal and turquoise inlays, repairing jewelry, refinishing furniture and antiques, repairing toys, repairing ceramics and stone surfaces like quartz and granite, bonding fiberglass and balsa wood, finishing woodturning and knife handles with a hard, clear seal, and performing taxidermy. Whether you’re working on a craft project or need a quick drying glue for repairs, Starbond 2 oz. High Performance Thin Viscosity Premium Super Glue has got you covered. It’s so easy to use that even beginners will be stuck on it! So don’t come unglued over your next project - stick with Starbond!



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