"Super Fast Thin" CA Glue, EM-02

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Price: $8.50

  • PREMIUM CA SUPER GLUE: Industrial-strength for deep penetration on fragile objects, ensuring a strong, lasting hold.
  • FAST-FLOWING & DEEP PENETRATING: Water-thin super glue reaches into spaces as tiny as 0.002".
    • 1 oz: 1 pin cap, 4 microtips.
    • 2 oz: 2 applicator nozzles, 1 pin cap, 8 microtips.
    • 4 oz: 3 applicator nozzles, 2 pin caps, 16 microtips.
    • 16 oz: Yorker spout, 4 empty bottles, 6 applicator nozzles, 2 pin caps, and bag of microtips.
  • VERSATILE GLUE: Ideal for woodturning and hobbies, creating durable “high gloss” finishes, and stabilizing porous materials, inlay applications, and fossil bone preparation.
  • LONG LASTING SUPERIOR SHELF LIFE: 30-month shelf-life warranty, free replacement if the product fails to last. For optimal shelf-life, store at or below 40°F before and after use.

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Starbond Super Fast Thin Super Glue, EM-02

Starbond Super Fast Thin Super Glue EM-02 can’t be beaten when it comes to getting into tight spaces on porous surfaces. Whether you’re working with wood, powder inlays, ceramics, softwood, unpolished rocks, or even fossils, our Super Fast Thin ca glue seamlessly penetrates and stabilizes pores and cracks providing the support you need to strengthen fragile objects. This watery-thin super glue also makes a stunning glass-like "CA finish" — apply several coats, sand, and buff to a brilliant shine.
Want to keep the hold, but prevent absorption? No problem – we have the perfect solution! Starbond Super Glue Accelerator keeps our glues from seeping into porous surfaces – the instant cure for unwanted wicking!

Woodworking and Woodturning Applications:

  • High gloss ca finish for wooden bowls, pens, and knife handles
  • Inlays using powdered metal, pigments, and crushed gemstones
  • Repair and fill cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood
  • Furniture and antique restoration

Guitar Applications:

  • Stabilize Guitar Frets
  • Install bindings and purflings on stringed instruments
  • Glue and repair guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard

Fossil Applications:

  • Prepare fossils by infiltrating and stabilizing the fossil before extraction
  • Repairing small cracks in stone
  • Metal and turquoise inlays

Lapidary Applications:

  • Create and repair jewelry
  • Repair ceramic, quartz, granite, and marble


  • Viscosity: 2-3 cPs
  • Drying Time With Accelerator: Instant
  • Drying Time Without Accelerator: 2 - 5 sec
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Customer Reviews

Based on 326 reviews
Michael A.
Starbond is Our Friend

I may have overstated that but it would be accurate to say that there are few wood work applications done in our shop that don’t in some way use a Starbond product. Thin, Medium, Thick, Clear, Brown or Black. It’s right at our fingertips thru the project.
Thank you for a great product

Rob M.

I use the super fast thin for stabilizing the pith area on elk antlers. I have tried other CA glues the past and they are all too thick to penetrate in and solidify the center. It also works great on soft woods.

charles h.
Several options

I’m enjoying using several of the different types of CA glue you provide
Especially the odor free but my go to for
my woodworking is the Thin Fast Set
I will be trying the Flexible soon on fishing rod building
Also many thanks for shipping to Alaska

James C.

Starbond CA glues are my choice when building rc planes. I use thin, medium, and thick for my balsa wood rc plane kit builds. These are quality glues and the great thing is the applicators. The 2oz glues come with two applicator tips/caps , a set of fine tip applicators, a small plastic pin device for unclogging the the tip (if needed) and a solid screw on cap so you can keep the glue fresh. Starbond is the only CA company that puts a lot of thought into the applicators and the bottle itself that helps minimize clogging, glue build up, and gunky caps. I highly recommend. Check out my RC Plane Tech youtube channel where I’m currently using Starbond glues to build an rc plane.


The thin works great to seal small cracks and to stabilize punky wood spots and amazing inlays. Truly works amazing on my wood turnings.

James L.

This product flowed into a very narrow opening leaving no glue line. The factory installed insert was loose, it is now solid. Nothing to clean up. AMAZING!

Mark F.

Fast acting!! Great for my rings.

Kit B.

Great stuff for sealing wood that is prone to cracking. I dribble it on the outside of turned wood bowls, leaving the inside unsealed so the moisture can be released. After several weeks, I seal the inside with CA. First coat is the thin CA which penetrates the wood fibers. Second coat is medium Starbond to produce a shiny sealed finish. Photo is of a macadamia nut bowl sealed with Starbond. This wood is notorious for cracking. So far no problems with this piece.

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