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      The starbond Difference

      When using superglues in the past, have you ever experienced any of the problems below?

      The superglue hardened up rock-solid, so you threw it away

      The nozzle clogged up, and the superglue became unusable

      The superglue worked most times, but would randomly not stick

      At Starbond, We Work to Solve These Problems

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      Customers Testimonials

      I love my Starbond! Use it religiously for things most people wouldn't even think of such as CNC project hold down instead of using clamps that just get in the way. There is a product for every purpose and you shouldn't confuse one for the other. Do your research and find the product you need for the task at hand. If you have questions, these guys have a phenomenal support team to answer all your questions very promptly!

      Todd W.

      Starbond products save me a lot of time and effort when making projects for my business. This has made a significant increase in my profits. Thank you Starbond!

      Daniel D.

      The thin works great to seal small cracks and to stabilize punky wood spots and amazing inlays. Truly works amazing on my wood turnings

      SHAWN B.

      Great stuff for sealing wood that is prone to cracking. I dribble it on the outside of turned wood bowls, leaving the inside unsealed so the moisture can be released. After several weeks, I seal the inside with CA. First coat is the thin CA which penetrates the wood fibers. Second coat is medium Starbond to produce a shiny sealed finish. Photo is of a macadamia nut bowl sealed with Starbond. This wood is notorious for cracking. So far no problems with this piece.

      Kit B.

      Have used Em02 for many years. Always works extremely well. I use my starbond mainly to mend petrified wood that I process. When the specimens are polished the starbond also polishes.

      David H.

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