"Multi-Purpose" Medium CA Glue, EM-150

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  • ($8.50/ounce)
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Price: $8.50

  • PREMIUM CA SUPER GLUE: Industrial-grade, fast-setting for quick glue-ups, repairs, and filling cracks - offering a strong, durable bond across applications.
  • EASY-FLOWING & PRECISE: Motor oil-like viscosity penetrates spaces up to 0.006".
    • 1 oz: 1 pin cap, 4 microtips.
    • 2 oz: 2 applicator nozzles, 1 pin cap, 8 microtips.
    • 4 oz: 3 applicator nozzles, 2 pin caps, 16 microtips.
    • 16 oz: Yorker spout, 4 empty bottles, 6 applicator nozzles, 2 pin caps, and bag of microtips.
  • VERSATILE GLUE: Perfect for woodworking, crafts, and hobby-modeling. Repairs jewelry and stones, secures RC car tires, assembles various models easily along with many other applications. Achieves lasting “high gloss” finishes.
  • LONG LASTING SUPERIOR SHELF LIFE: 30-month shelf-life warranty, free replacement if the product fails to last. For optimal shelf-life, store at or below 40°F before and after use.

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Starbond Multi-Purpose Medium Super Glue, EM-150

Starbond EM-150 Medium Super Glue is a medium-viscosity, multi-purpose, instant adhesive. With an oil-like consistency, this glue has properties of both our thin CA and thick CA products, making it ideal for filling small gaps, penetrating narrow slots, bonding close-fitting parts, and creating high-gloss finishes on wood. This versatile adhesive is used in woodturning, guitar repair, jewelry making, hobby model assembly, and assembly of 3D printed parts, to name but a few applications. Used by everyone from woodworkers, luthiers, lapidaryists to taxidermists, this glue should be kept on hand for all your general bonding applications! Want even faster results? No problem – we have the perfect solution! Starbond Super Glue Accelerator instantly cures the superglue in seconds, while acting as a priming agent for difficult-to-bond surfaces.

Professional Tip: When bonding two smooth surfaces, be sure to lightly sand, or otherwise make them scuffed or more abrasive – the glue will have more surface area to adhere to, and therefore more holding strength!

Woodworking and Woodturning Applications:

  • High gloss ca finish for wooden bowls, pens, and knife handles
  • Repair and fill cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood
  • Quick bonding of wooden joints
  • Blue tape technique

Lapidary Applications:

  • Treat cracked stones and gems
  • Form a high-gloss polish on stones and petrified wood
  • Repair marble, granite, and quartz

Hobby Model Applications:

  • Bond loosely fitted soft woods and balsa joints
  • Build hobby models such as planes, cars, and boats
  • Bond RC car tires
  • Place and repair car trim and molding
  • Assemble 3D printed parts


  • Viscosity: 150 cPs
  • Drying Time With Accelerator: Instant
  • Drying Time Without Accelerator: 20 sec
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Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Forrest P.
I am stuck

I use CA clue in my shop for many different projects and Starbond has not disappointed me yet. Thank you, great products at a great price.

Daniel D.

Starbond products save me a lot of time and effort when making projects for my business. This has made a significant increase in my profits. Thank you Starbond!

James C.

Starbond CA glues are my choice when building rc planes. I’m using the Starbond thin, medium and thick. And especially for gaps, I use their medium and thick CA to fill. These are quality glues and the great thing is the applicators. The 2oz glues come with two applicator tips/caps , a set of fine tip applicators, a small plastic pin device for unclogging the the tip (if needed) and a solid screw on cap so you can keep the glue fresh. Starbond is the only CA company that puts a lot of thought into the applicators and the bottle itself that helps minimize clogging, glue build up, and gunky caps. I highly recommend. Check out my RC Plane Tech youtube channel where I’m currently using Starbond glues to build rc plane.

Robert D.

Starbond is my "go-to" for CA adhesives. Broad selection, great service, and thinking about the customer and including accessories that are extremely functional and useful. Since it blends in with the clear finish I use, I can glue up small pieces, repair chips, etc. without worrying about glue spots on the final product.

Dennis N.

Starbond is my "go to" place for all my CA needs. Simple to order, good communication and quick delivery. A+++

As a Control-line model airplane builder and flyer I use CA adhesives for the majority of construction.

Nicholas K.

I find Starbond’s CA products to be of the highest quality and always recommend them to my fellow woodworking friends.
Attached are photos of my latest work which is a crotch piece of sugar maple. I used Starbond Thin glue to penetrate deeply into any hairline cracks as well as the attached bark areas. Then I used Starbond’s Medium glue combined with black walnut dust to fill in a few voids. I have been using Starbond’s product for many years now because it forms a very strong bond and is easily polished to a satin or gloss finish, as desired.

Derek D.

I've been using Starbond medium CA to glue the brass tubes into wooden and acrylic blanks for pen turning, and using a layer of Starbond thin plus 9 layers of medium for a finish on all my wooden pens. Never a failure and it creates a glossy, durable finish.

Matthew V.

Works great as a finish on pens!

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