Turquoise Wood Inlay Chips by Starbond (2.5 oz.)
Turquoise Wood Inlay Chips by Starbond (2.5 oz.)
Turquoise Wood Inlay Chips by Starbond (2.5 oz.)
Turquoise Wood Inlay Chips by Starbond (2.5 oz.)

Turquoise Wood Inlay Chips by Starbond (2.5 oz.)

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  • ARTIFICIAL TURQUOISE CHIPS - Add a pop of color to your project with our artificial turquoise chips! Crushed turquoise for wood inlays are used for woodworking, woodturning, inlay pen kits, jewelry designing, ring inlays, decorative designing, casting inlays and more.
  • PERFECT FOR WOODWORKERS, WOODTURNERS, JEWELERS, AND HOBBYISTS - Our artificial turquoise chips are perfect for anyone who loves working with wood or jewelry. They're also great for crafting and home décor projects.
  • CREATE STUNNING INLAY DESIGNS - Compatible with CA glues and epoxies, combine the turquoise inlay chips with epoxy to create resin artwork, or with CA glue for wood inlay projects.
  • NO MESS & EASY TO USE - Use these chips to fill designs or natural gaps in project material and fill the space using CA glue to hold the chips in place.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product, we will provide a 100% refund or replacement!

Add a splash of color to your woodworking with Starbond Turquoise Inlay Chips. These crushed turquoise stones are made from artificial stones. A jar of Starbond Turquoise chips contains 2.5 ounce of turquoise inlay material.

The turquoise chips can be used as chips for your inlays or can be powdered to fill up fine spaces. The chips can be used to fill gaps or design spaces in your projects. Powdered turquoise can be used to cover fine cracks and tight spaces to give a unique look.

These turquoise fine chips can be set into the projects using CA glue, for easy use and quick turnaround time. Simply place the turquoise chips or powder inlay and apply CA glue to set them in place. Once the glue has dried, use a sanding paper or sanding disc to create a fine finish.

The turquoise chips are great for woodturning and woodworking inlay, pen inlays, jewelry designs, arts and crafts, decorations, ring inlays, casting inlays, filling cracks and gaps, creating unique finishes and more

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