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  • Applicator Nozzles (Compatible with 2 Ounce Cylindrical Bottles)

    Applicator Nozzles (Compatible with 2 Ounce Cylindrical Bottles)

    Applicator Nozzles Starbond Applicator Nozzles fit our 2-ounce size cylindrical bottles and provide a uniform and precise glue flow for all your project needs.  These replacement nozzles feature a built-in plastic gasket to ensure a tight fit and prevent leaks.  Replace your old and hardened applicators to keep your glue fresh for longer!  Measurements: Cap Diameter: 0.91 inches (2.3 cm) Nozzle Height: 2.2 inches (5.3 cm)  Instructions: Pull off the white ribbed overcap to reveal the clear applicator nozzle. Use scissors to create an opening near the tip of the applicator nozzle – NOTE: create smaller incisions when using thin-viscosity adhesives, and larger incisions for thicker-viscosity CAs.

    $6.00 - $11.00

  • Microtips Extension Applicators for Nozzles (50 pieces)

    Microtips Extension Applicators for Nozzles (50 pieces)

    Starbond Microtips Extension Applicators Starbond Microtips Extension Applicators are indispensable in precision work, as they allow for complete control in the amount of glue that is applied.  These specially crafted, cone-shaped, micro extension applicators screw snugly onto Starbond applicator nozzles.  Ideal for hard-to-reach areas, hairline fractures and narrow slots, our Microtips also allow for work on delicate woodturning projects without making a mess.  Each pack comes with enough microtips for beginners and professionals alike.  Professional Tip: When tips become clogged, you can either dispose of them or drop them into a jar of acetone for a few hours, which unclogs the tips for reuse. Use Starbond Microtips Extension Applicators to: Repair and fill cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood Create a hard, clear, waterproof coat in woodturning and on knife handle finishes Wick into and stabilize guitar frets Install bindings and puflings on stringed instruments Glue and repair guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard Prepare fossils for extraction through infiltration and stabilization Repair small cracks in stone Inlay metal and turquoise Manufacture and repair jewelry Repair and refinish antique furniture Repair ceramics Repair marble, granite and quartz Bond fiberglass to balsa wood Perform taxidermy  For Use On: Wood Metal Rubber Leather Ceramics Gemstones Rocks & Minerals Carbon Fiber Fiberglass PVC and Most Plastics


  • Empty Glue Bottles

    Empty Glue Bottles

    Empty Glue Bottles Starbond Empty Glue Bottles allow you to purchase our adhesives in larger quantities, store them in the refrigerator/freezer if desired, and dispense as needed into smaller 2 oz. bottles.  This can be key in dealing with many of our glue products, as heat will cause them to thicken and even to harden like a stone!  Not only does keeping the glue chilled extend the shelf life, but keeping it stored all together in larger quantities does the same.  These 2-ounce bottles are made of high-density polypropylene (HDPE) plastic and come with 2-piece applicators, including the clear applicator itself and the white cap/cover. 

    $7.00 - $12.00

  • Clog-Prevention Stoppers

    Clog-Prevention Stoppers

    Starbond Clog-Prevention Stoppers Starbond clog-prevention stoppers are a must-have for any enthusiast and general user of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue. These stoppers prevent the glue from drying out, ensuring that it stays fresh and ready to use whenever you need it. Not only do they extend the life of your CA glue, but they also prevent clogs in the nozzle, making it easier to dispense the glue smoothly and precisely. Whether you're a woodworker, model builder, or just someone who loves using CA glue, these clog-free stoppers are an essential accessory.

    $4.00 - $5.00

  • Starbond Carpenter Mechanical Pencil Box - 2.8mm lead. Comes with built in sharpener and 12 wax refill leads

    Carpenter Mechanical Pencil - Includes 12 Wax Refill Leads + Built-In Sharpener

    Starbond Carpenter Mechanical Pencil Starbond’s Carpenter Mechanical pencil is a woodworker’s best friend! Mark up your projects with black, yellow, or red, and have complete confidence when you make cuts, without damaging your project. The lead is easily washed off or erased once the mark is no longer needed. The ingenious sharpener is built into the pencil, so you never have to worry about losing it! It will always be on hand to make sure your marks are as precise as possible. The pencil also comes with 12 lead refills in 3 different colors, giving you plenty of options for how you want to use it. The lead works on a myriad of materials, including but not limited to wood, metal, concrete, and paper. The simple but highly functional design of this pencil is sure to make itself useful in any project. Whether you use it to write, mark, or outline, this pencil is bound to be a must-have. Try it out and see for yourself! Every Pack Includes: 6 black refills 3 red refills 3 yellow refills Built-in sharpener


  • Wood Furniture, Floor, and Laminate Repair Markers Sets

    Wood Furniture, Floor, and Laminate Repair Markers Sets

    Starbond Wood Furniture, Floor, and Laminate Repair Markers Sets Starbond’s Furniture and Floor Repair Marker set is a homeowner’s dream come true! No matter what sort of ding you may need to touch up, these markers have you covered. Designed to repair unsightly scratches with ease, it’s as simple as drawing along the blemish to make them disappear for good. With 6 colors to choose from, this set will handle all of your home’s restoration needs. The last thing you want is smudges when you make a repair, so these markers are permanent and smear resistant. Get creative and revitalize your furniture or floors with our 6 Piece Repair Marker Set! 13 piece Repair Kit Includes: 6 markers 6 crayon wax 1 sharpener 6 piece Touch-Up Kit Includes: 6 markers

    $9.00 - $12.00

  • Neodymium Magnets - Pack of 20  12.7mm x 3mm - 10 pieces 9.5mm x 3mm - 10 pieces

    Neodymium Magnets - Bundle Pack of 2 Sizes, 20-count

    Starbond Neodymium Magnets - Pack of 20 (9.5mm X 3mm + 12.7mm X 3mm) Starbond’s Neodymium Magnets are powerful, durable, and versatile. Whether you are making drawers, assembling jewelry, making fridge magnets, or turning wood, you can find a multitude of uses for these incredible little powerhouses.Triple coated in Ni+Cu+Ni, our neodymium magnets are tough and built to last. We went all out to ensure that we have the highest quality coating available. These magnets are corrosion and rust resistant, making them perfect for any project.Neodymium magnets are known around the world for their incredible strength to weight ratio. On top of that, they are heavily resistant to demagnetization, so you know you can rely on them to hold. Your imagination is the only limit to what these little magnets can accomplish! Neodymium Magnet Safety Tips Always handle neodymium magnets with care and avoid letting them slam together as they can chip, crack or shatter, which can be dangerous. Eye protection is strongly recommended. Keep neodymium magnets away from children and ensure that they do not play with them as they can pose a serious choking hazard. Neodymium magnets can interfere with pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices, so it's important to keep them away from people who have such devices. Avoid contact with neodymium magnets if you have a nickel allergy, as they are nickel-plated. Keep neodymium magnets away from magnetic media, GPS, and smartphones as their magnetic fields can interfere with these devices. Neodymium magnets can become demagnetized at high temperatures, so avoid exposing them to temperatures higher than 176°F. Neodymium magnet dust and powder are flammable, so avoid drilling or machining them. Neodymium magnets are not waterproof, so keep them away from moisture to prevent corrosion and loss of magnetic strength. Remember to always handle neodymium magnets with care and use them responsibly to prevent personal injury and damage to the magnets themselves. How to Safely Separate Your Magnets? CORRECT Slide one magnet off the top of the stack. Once off the stack, carefully start lifting the magnet. Lift the magnet to free it from the stack. INCORRECT DO NOT attempt to pull, lift, or pry a magnet from the stack before sliding it to the side. DO NOT throw away the white storage spacers. DO NOT allow the magnets to snap to each other or any magnetic surface. doing so may cause magnets to break!


  • Reusable Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set - Pack of 3

    Reusable Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set - Pack of 3

    Starbond Reusable Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set Looking for the perfect tools to help you with your woodworking projects? Look no further than the Starbond Reusable Silicone Spatula Set! The set is available in two sizes: small and medium, with each size featuring a unique shape that makes it easy to apply glue and epoxy precisely where you need it. Each set includes three spatulas, so they will always be ready when you need them. Made of sturdy and durable non-toxic silicone, these spatulas are perfect for getting into tight spots and spreading glue and epoxy evenly. The toughened heads are perfect for scraping and spreading, making these spatulas a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast. Best of all, these spatulas are reusable, which means you'll save money in the long run. Plus, cleanup is a breeze! Simply wipe them down with a clean cloth or paper towel. Don't let messy glue-ups hold you back. Get the Starbond Reusable Silicone Spatula Set today and take your woodworking projects to the next level!


  • Starbond Mixing Palette - Color Palette for mixing epoxy and CA Glue

    Starbond 6-Pocket Mixing Palettes - Pack of 30

    Starbond 6-Pocket Mixing Palettes Our White 6 Pocket Mixing Palette is a must-have tool for woodworking enthusiasts and craftsmen seeking precise color blending and effortless mixing of epoxies, CA glue, mica powders, and pigments. Crafted with precision using high-quality white plastic (Polystyrene), this palette provides a superior surface for your woodworking projects. Its non-porous material ensures that your chosen mediums retain their vibrant qualities, while the non-stick surface makes cleanup a breeze. Lightweight and portable, this palette allows you to bring your creativity to any woodworking space. Plus, with each pack containing 30 palettes, you'll have an abundant supply to fuel your artistic endeavors or accommodate group settings. Elevate your woodworking projects with the White Plastic Palette.  Material: Polystyrene Hard Plastic Color: White Size: 4.9*3.5 Inches Pockets: 6 pockets per palette Pack Includes: 30 palettes



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