Improved Over the Years: The 6 Oz. Accelerator

Improved Over the Years: The 6 Oz. Accelerator

At Starbond, we believe listening to our customers is the cornerstone of our innovation. Your feedback has been the driving force behind our continuous efforts to enhance our products, including our 6 oz. Aerosol Accelerator!

Did you notice these unique improvements in recent years?

Upgraded Spray Button for Ultimate Comfort

Larger and more ergonomic, this button ensures you have more control over every spray, reducing waste and over-application.

Innovative Atomizer Design

Delivers a finer mist for a more even and attractive cure, protecting your project from the risk of displacing your carefully applied glue.

Slow-drying Formula to Avoid Hazing

Designed to give you more control over the curing process, this formula helps prevent the dreaded white hazing, allowing for a controlled, flawless finish.

We're here to ensure your projects turn out exactly as planned, with no wasted product or unsightly hazing. It's time to experience the precision and control that only Starbond offers!

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