Improvements in our Applicator Nozzles

Starbond Improvements in our Applicator Nozzles

At Starbond, we believe innovation starts with listening to our customers. That's why, after hearing your feedback, we enhanced our Applicator Nozzles last year!

What has improved?

The recent design features a plastic tongue for a secure, leak-free seal and effortless application in place of the previous aluminum seal!

  • Leak and Spill Prevention. This new cap ensures a tighter seal, dramatically reducing the risk of leaks and spills. Enjoy a mess-free gluing experience with confidence in every project.
  • Snug Fit. The design extends the plastic down into the bottle, guaranteeing a perfect fit. This eliminates common frustrations such as glue seepage into the threads or caps becoming irremovably attached to the neck's bottles.
  • Maximized applicator lifespan. With glue smoothly sliding down the plastic and back into the bottle, you'll find your applicator nozzle lasts longer. This means more efficient use of your glue, ensuring you get the most out of each bottle.

Your Feedback Fuels Our Innovation
We're eager to hear how we can further refine or upgrade our products to enhance your user experience. Whether it's making our products easier to use or better suited for your specific applications, your input is crucial to our development process

Reach out to us at or call 1-800-900-4583 to share your ideas and contribute to the evolution of Starbond products. Together, we can achieve excellence in every bond!

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