Starbond's 3 Superglue Accelerators: Which one's for you?

Starbond's 3 Superglue Accelerators: Which one's for you?

Every creative project is unique, demanding a tailored approach to ensure not just completion, but excellence. For woodworkers, one subtle yet crucial choice is the selection of the right adhesive accelerator. Starbond’s lineup of superglue accelerators promises to match the diversity of your projects with precision, efficiency, and strength.

Understanding the Role of Superglue Accelerators
Before diving into the specifics of each type, it’s essential to understand what a superglue accelerator does. These specialized solutions are designed to speed up the curing process of cyanoacrylate adhesives, enhancing the glue's bonding strength and reducing the clamping or holding time. This means quicker turnaround times for your projects and a stronger, more reliable bond.

1. Aerosol Accelerator

The Aerosol Accelerator is a favorite among professionals who deal with non-porous surfaces. Its fine, even mist ensures that the accelerator covers the surface uniformly without over-saturation, promoting a quick and clean bonding process. The aerosol can is incredibly user-friendly, providing a controlled spray that is perfect for larger areas. This type of accelerator has a longer shelf life, too, making it ideal for those who don’t use accelerators daily but still require a reliable product when necessary.

2. Pump Spray Accelerator

For those dealing with more absorbent materials, the Pump Spray Accelerator stands out. Designed to target porous surfaces effectively, this accelerator ensures that the glue penetrates deeply into the material, creating a robust bond that’s essential for materials like wood or fabric. It dispenses more material with each spray, making it economical and effective for daily use in busy workshops where volume and budget are considerations.

3. Brush-On Accelerator

When precision is non-negotiable, the Brush-On Accelerator shines. Equipped with a precision brush applicator, this accelerator allows you to target specific areas where you need the glue to cure faster, making it perfect for intricate tasks such as model-building, fine jewelry repairs, or detailed woodwork. This tool ensures that you apply just the right amount of accelerator without waste, providing a clean, controlled, and strong bond exactly where you need it.

Choosing the right accelerator can significantly enhance both the quality and efficiency of your work. Whether you're crafting a delicate piece of art, repairing a cherished piece of furniture, or building a model from scratch, there's a Starbond accelerator designed to meet your needs!

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