Performance & Safety with Starbond's Superglue Remover

Performance & Safety with Starbond's Superglue Remover

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation, quite literally, with superglue?

Whether it's fingers glued together or a stubborn residue, the aftermath can be frustrating. And let's not even start on the surface damage and skin irritation caused by other super glue removers. But breathe easy because Starbond changes the game.

Formulation Makes the Difference

Starbond's Superglue Remover has a Propylene carbonate base. This is a gentle yet potent substance commonly used in cosmetics and cleaning materials. Unlike harsher alternatives like acetone, it dissolves superglue without aggression, safeguarding your skin and surfaces. Here's why it stands out:

  • Gentle on the skin, tough on glue. Suitable for all skin types (except those with specific allergies), propylene carbonate offers safety without compromising performance.
  • Effective ingredient distribution. It guarantees the even spread of active components, enhancing our formula's efficiency in removing tacky residues on skin, aluminum, plastic, and virtually most surfaces.
  • Slower Evaporation. Propylene carbonate has a lower volatility rate than other solvents, meaning it evaporates slower, which reduces fumes and makes it a safer option for indoor use.

Apply, wait, wipe – that's it. Designed for simplicity with an ergonomic applicator, our superglue remover is ready for any emergency.

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