When to Use the Medium and Medium Thick CA Glues

When to Use the Medium and Medium Thick CA Glues

For filling knots/voids, we recommend our medium and medium-thick CA glues, and the size of the void reflects the total amount of glue to be applied.

The medium/medium-thick CA is typically recommended for cracks and voids that are no longer than 6" in length, no wider than 0.5" in width, and 0.5" in depth. The setting time of CA glues and many other adhesives become exponentially longer when more glue is applied at once.

However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done in a relatively short period of time— it just requires some more technique.

One technique is the “layering method” where the glue is applied in several thinner layers while spraying the accelerator in-between glue applications.

The second technique is to use a filling agent such as sawdust to cover more surface area in less time. The sawdust method carries double benefits— one, it acts as a filling agent, and two, as a catalyst to speed up the glue’s setting time. Therefore, you are using two catalysts (accelerator and sawdust) with the glue.

Still worried that the void is too big? Make our EM-2000 Starbond Gap Filler Thick CA Glue your go to glue for filling large voids and gaps. With a thickness similar to that of honey, please note that the bonding time will increase.

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