Pump Accelerator vs Aerosol Accelerator

Pump Accelerator vs Aerosol Accelerator

What is the difference between Pump & Aerosol Accelerator

With the Pump Sprayer Accelerator, you get;

  1. A more concentrated mist 
  2. The option to unscrew the top and spot-apply the accelerator using a Q-Tip.

It is the more economical option out of the two in terms of cost for frequent Accelerator users.

The Aerosol Accelerator sprays a finer mist than the pump and is the preferred option for users who use accelerator less frequently. The Aerosol can also tightly keeps the accelerant from evaporating out.

The best way to use the Pump Accelerator

When using the Pump accelerator make sure to spray the bottle in the upright position. If the bottle is tilted upside down during application, it may not spray correctly or may leak.

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