Stabilizing Dinosaur Bones with CA Glue

Cyanoacrylate glue can be a handy tool for either field or lab work. This quick setting, strong adhesive is great when working with fossil stabilization.

Stabilizing Dinosaur Bones with CA Glue

Given the value of dinosaur bones most museums must preserve and stabilize these bones using the right kind of adhesive. There are various adhesives out in the market but the best adhesive to use here is thin CA super glue. The viscosity of the CA glue to use will be determined by the size of the fracture. Super fast thin CA glue is best suited for dinosaur bones with hairline fractures as well as bones which are porous. This glue is widely known for its use in the repair of fossil bones particularly for the fact that it penetrates as well as stabilizes the bone material through capillary action.

fossil stabilizing

It is important to know that ca glue is a strong adhesive and will instantly bond. One must be aware of this when working with ca glue because there is little to no room for error. Any small adjustments can weaken the bond. CA glue is also irreversible which is necessary for fossil bones to keep them intact. However, if there is a strong need for the bond to be reset, one can use acetone to soften the cyanoacrylate. This process is particularly useful in disassembling a bad bond. However, full removal of a dinosaur bone requires a more advanced process.

Due to its quick setting bond time this makes the cyanoacrylate adhesive useful for field work. Ca glue comes in small 1oz and 2 oz bottles which makes it easier to carry around. When out in the field, one can stabilize weak bones or even fix bigger fragments of fossil bones as preparation for further detailed work in the labs. It is particularly useful for infiltrating and subsequently stabilizing the fossil bone just before extraction.

Cyanoacrylate super glue is particularly useful for small works. It is sold worldwide under the name CA glue. In addition to this, CA glue can be used alongside an accelerator if the saturation of a porous bone is unwanted. This prevents the CA glue from soaking excessively into the bone and also preventing waste.

Thin CA glue is easily available in different packages. The super glue is available in 1oz, 2oz, and 16oz bottles with extra supplies. This particular thin glue is useful for quick penetration, and high gloss finishes as well as producing less brittle end-products. This is without doubt one of the best fossil bones stabilizers, especially for small projects but can also be use in relatively larger projects.

CA glue is the most advisable glue to use in stabilization and preparation of bones. One can use it to repair broken bones whether in the field or in the lab. In addition, it can be used with an accelerator to avoid wastage or saturation of porous bones. For disassembling bad bonds, soaking in acetone is the best remedy.

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