Starbond Microtips are your Precision Partner

We understand how important it is for you to work on your, sometimes very delicate, projects without making a mess! That's why when you order from us, each pack comes with enough microtips for beginners and professionals alike. 

At 1.65 inches or 4.3 cm in length, with an outside diameter and gauge of 3.4φ 44mm, our microtips are specially crafted for hard-to-reach areas, hairline fractures and narrow slots. The cone-shaped, micro extension applicators screw snugly onto Starbond applicator nozzles.

To make them reusable, here's a tip! Drop them into a jar filled with some acetone and it will unclog the tips. Thereafter, dry them with a paper towel and store them for your next use. Please note that the micro tips are good for 4-5 uses and after that, they should be replaced.

Credits: David Omondi (Customer Success Associate, Starbond)