Which Starbond CA Glue should I use for the Woodturning finish?

Which Starbond CA Glue should I use for the Woodturning finish?

If you've ever wondered whether you can use our glues as a woodturning finish, the answer is yes! There are three commonly used clear glues, though you could also use the colored glues if you wanted to try something different!

Our Super Fast Thin (EM-02) is the gold standard for woodturning finishes. Not only does it seep down in to the smallest cracks and voids, it provides a wonderful gloss to any piece when polished.

The Heavy-Thin (EM-40) is a woodturners' favorite. They prefer it for the slightly more viscous glue that makes it easier to work with, since the Super Fast Thin runs like water. The Heavy-Thin is more akin to olive oil in consistency, which makes it simpler for beginners and also means you need to do less coats!

The last glue we want to mention is the Flexible Medium-Thick (KEG-500). Far more viscous that the other glues we've discussed, and rubber toughened, this glue is preferred by pen turners. The rubber in the glue helps make the coating far less likely to crack when dropped, since it will provide some shock absorption.

Whichever glue you decide to use, we know you will make amazing things! Try them out and see for yourself why Starbond is known for quality and performance.

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