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My woodworking game is a lot like my golf game. It’s not about being in the fairway, it’s about getting out of the sand trap. Starbond is a game saver and a “must have” for any woodworker.

First time using any Starbond product and so far I am very pleased. The medium thickness is nice, I’d definitely want some thin in the future but but this viscosity is very handy, it’s the perfect viscosity for finger cuts! I’ll certainly buy this product again

This glue package is excellent. Something for every need. I especially like the extra tips and caps. I have a small “Q-lab” in my house and my shop is separate from the house. I just ordered a set to have at each location (tired of walking back and forth).

This has been the absolute BEST stuff I’ve found to glue anything back together. I’ve gotten so many broken items from online sellers so I had to find something. This works great! The accelerator makes a world of difference in the cure time. This was my 3rd order! It was shipped right away, too.

I got this glue remover to see if it would remove some starbond heavy medium glue I had spilled and did not find until a couple of weeks later on some vinyl flooring. It took three applications to remove it but it did take it off and didn’t hurt the vinyl ether. I thank you and so does my wife.


The StarBOND DIffereNce

For more than 30 years, Starbond has “stuck” to its mission in supplying unrivaled adhesive quality and customer-centric solutions. What’s The Starbond Difference? Our formula produces more durable, stronger, and less brittle superglues. Monthly production means that our customers receive the absolute freshest glues — this ensures that the glues have not just been sitting around for several months. Our values in innovation drive us to learn about the most important user-application needs in developing more useful and attractive products and design. We take pride in supplying you with the absolute best glues. Thank you for your support!

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