Fix a DJI Phantom Drone with Super Glue

A guide on helping fix those pesky drone parts that seem to magically come apart with medium CA glue

    Fix a DJI Phantom Drone with Super Glue

The DJI Phantom drones are a perfect product for beginners and experienced drone users. They are of the highest quality and easy to use. With their impressive flight performance and high-quality imaging abilities, these drones are one of the top drone series in the world.

They include a 4K video camera and between 25- and 30-minute flight time, and are considered some of the best drones on the market. DJI Phantom drone owners can enjoy images taken of almost any area that are great quality and clear. And handling these drones is relatively simple, as well.


Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. The drone might crash, or perhaps it may develop a stress crack. Whenever these things happen, rather than taking it for an expensive repair job, you might want to try a cheaper, at-home remedy first. One way to fix a crack in a DIJ Phantom drone is with superglue. Sounds too easy, right? Well, superglue is an incredibly powerful substance that can repair many different things. It can be used on many different household items because it is a very powerful bondage making it easy to repair cracks on things like the DJI Phantom drones, as well.

There are many forums online that explain how to repair stress fractures or cracks from crashing, and a wide variety of suggestions out there. However, one of the easiest and cheapest ways is using superglue. Super glue can be found at almost any supermarket or convenience store. Also known as CA glue or cyanoacrylate glue, superglues are very strong, durable reparation tool. For these reasons, it is a good option for repairing your DJI Phantom drone. Whether you use a generic superglue or superglue. it is a quick and easy option.

Baking soda is an accelerant for CA glue. It mixes with the glue and adheres to most surfaces very well. Many people swear by this concoction when it comes to repairing many things, including cracks in drones. Spreading a thin line of superglue over the length of the crack, sprinkle baking soda over the top and allow to dry. The common household items like baking soda and super glue makes it a very convenient and fast fix. Adding to the ease of access to the tools, this mixture is quite strong allowing it to be held strong and sealing the crack well.

There are many online forums discussing what to do when your DJI Phantom drone gets a crack in it. There are also a few YouTube videos showing you exactly how to repair it yourself if their situations happen to meet your exact problems. By repairing the crack yourself, you will save some time and possibly some money. So before sending your drone off to be worked on, consider your options. Look at costs, accessibility, and drying time. These things are important to take into consideration when deciding this best repair method for your DJI Phantom drone. It might be a good idea to always keep some superglue and baking soda in the house if you are a drone owner, just in case of an accident.

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