Increasing Surface Energy for a Stronger Bond

Increasing Surface Energy for a Stronger Bond

Having Trouble Sticking?

Have you ever tried to glue something and it just wouldn't stick? This happens because some materials like silicone, plastics, and glass have a low "surface energy," which means that glue has a hard time sticking to them.

What is surface energy?

Surface energy refers to how much a material's surface attracts other things, like glue or water. Materials like wood generally have high surface energy, meaning they attract other things strongly, while materials like plastic and finished glass have low surface energy and don't attract things as well. To achieve a stronger and more reliable bond, it's important to increase the surface energy of materials with low surface energy.

How to increase surface energy?

There's an easy solution! All you need to do is use something abrasive like sandpaper, hand file, or steel wool to rough up the surface a bit. This will increase the "surface energy" of the material and make it easier for the glue to stick. So next time you're having trouble getting something to stay put, try roughing up the surface first!

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